Saturday, December 31, 2011

{New Year's Resolutions}

New Year's Eve is always a dreaded day for me. I do not like saying goodbye to another year. It means my kids are getting older. (Ahhh... I'll have a teenager in 2012!) It means their mother is getting older. (We won't discuss that number!) It means saying goodbye to another year.

However, I do look forward to a fresh start, making new resolutions and hopefully making improvements in my life! I want to share my resolutions, so that I'll be more accountable for them. Nothing too major, but little things that I know I need to work on.

1. Weekly Random Acts of Kindness. This year, I want to plan and act out a random act of service for someone. Not just the usual mom and wife stuff that I do everyday, but something bigger than that. Either for a friend, neighbor, family member or even a complete stranger. Something that takes some time to come up with and plan out. :)

2. Dedicate a set amount of time each day to sit down with each child and visit or play with them. This is HUGE. October-December I get so busy with my business, that my kids get seriously neglected. And, I'm tired of it. My kids are MY LIFE! So, each day... I will find time to spend with each child. It may only be 10 mins reading a book, or a quick conversation about their day, but I will give each child one on one time. And, I will have 5 children in 2012... so, this will be challenging. I spend all day with my children... but setting aside time for each one, individually, will be the goal. :)

3. Lose weight! Of course... it's my resolution every year. Some years I have been very successful and others... not so successful. But, I really want to focus on a couple of things. One: More water, less Diet Coke! I really don't drink enough water. I need to kick that up a notch. Also, I need to get back to the gym every day again. I've blamed pregnancy on my lack of exercise. Which.. I am sick. So, until this baby is born, I'll do what I can. But, after he is born... it's back in the gym and no more excuses!

4. More regular Family Home Evenings and Scripture study with my family. It is becoming more and more evident to me that this needs to be a priority in my life. My kids are growing faster than ever. I want to prepare them for this brutal world they have to live in. I want my kids to know who they are and where they came from. I want them to face life's adversities with complete confidence in who they are.

5. Not to fear failure. To follow my wishes and dreams and do it with confidence. As I look to the future, sometimes fear of failing at something holds me back from trying. But, I have many things I want to accomplish this year and I'm simply giving fear the boot! Watch out... here I come! ;)

Keeping it simple this year. But... these are most important to me right now.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

{now and then}

Baby Parker, one year ago, December 2010

Baby Parker now, a happy, fun 1-year-old. December 2011

I know I say this ALL of THE TIME... but I love that a lot of my clients become my friends. I met the mom of this cutie many years ago, when she was pregnant with her first daughter. Over the years, we have done lots of photo sessions! Meeting new people and making new friends is absolutely the best part of being a photographer, for me anyways! This little one, Miss Parker Belle, is absolutely adorable! She's a little bit different than her sister. Her sister, Hayden {loves} the camera. Parker was a little more hesitant. But, we finally got her to lighten up a bit when we played the song, "Love You Like a Love Song" by Selena Gomez. Cracked me right up. She was shaking it and even mumbling the lyrics. Hehe. She is so unbelievably gorgeous! Thanks Ali for letting me capture the milestones of your girls. I have loved every single moment!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{birth stories}

Did you know I photograph birth stories? No... it's nothing weird, like I'm in your business at delivery! I am there to capture those first moments, those emotions, that you never want to forget! Like holding that baby for the first time, hearing their first cry, dad's first kiss... all those little moments you don't want to ever forget.

I know for most of us, we've had Dad try to take pictures in the delivery room and well, let's admit it... they get excited and they get overcome with emotion and they forget to use the camera at all! That is where a birth story photographer is needed.

How does it work? When you go into labor, depending on your past history... we will make a plan on when you want me to come. I will come to the hospital and take some photos of the things you want to remember. The little things. The details. You, your husband and your family patiently waiting for this precious new life to arrive. I do not stay in the hospital room with you the entire time. I know you want your privacy and I realize that this is a very sacred moment for you and your loved ones. I will come back in occasionally and check on you. We will keep in touch via cell phone and I won't be too far away. When the time comes for that little one to arrive, I will be there... capturing those moments you don't want to forget in a very tasteful way. You won't even know I'm there. You will have a lifetime to treasure the photos from that day. Each birth story comes with a little book for you to have forever.

I also offer just "hospital sessions" too, if you want me to come after the baby is born and capture images of the little one just hours old.

In February, I'm looking forward to my own birth story photographer coming in, Celeste Grover of Studio C Photography and Design. I really regret not doing this with my other four kids. I figured... I was a photographer! I could teach my hubby to take some great photos! Well, I did teach him. But... just like any other father... they are caught up in the moment too. He did get some great photos... but not the first few moments and emotion that I wish I could hold on to forever.

If you're interested in having a session like this.. contact me. I only schedule a very limited amount of these types of sessions. So, reserve your due date now.

{Meckley Family}

JaKell, Brandon and Family above.

Jenn and her family

The entire Meckley Fam

Yes, my blog has been seriously neglected for months now... and I plan to catch up on it now. :)

Meet JaKell. She has a super fun blog, you must follow. She does a lot or product reviews and giveaways! Who doesn't love free stuff! I have been luck enough to be a recipient of several really cool things! Okay, not to brag, but just this month I won a Plasma Car (A wiggle bike) for absolutely free! And, a very modern, chic, baby carrier that I plan to use in April when I take my family to Disneyland! So, check it out.

Not only does she have a cool website, she is the sweetest person you'll ever meet. I have really gotten to know this family the last couple of years. That is why I love my photography business. Clients turn into some of your best friends. She is one of those clients. I just love her and her family! And, at this session, she brought along her in-laws for some photos. Her sister-in-law Jenn is awesome. Loved getting to know her too!

{allison and family}

Meet one beautiful mama! Who happens to have gorgeous children! Her mounted enlargement was so gorgeous... I didn't want to give it to her. I wanted to keep it. LOL. I had so many clients gasping when they saw it. Do they get more photogenic than this? And, Allison is a very talented stylist. If you need a stylist and you're in Utah County... you must go to her! Riverbottoms Salon in Spanish Fork!

{giles family}

This family has been coming to me for many, many years! I look forward to seeing them at every session! I absolutely love them. Meet Darcy and Rocky. (Yes, Rocky from Rocky's downtown on Main.) The best place in town to get tires, oil changes and mechanic work done! ;)

Friday, December 2, 2011

{weston = adrian}

Fall photos! I love these three babies! So full of personality and oh-so-cute! Meet Hadlee, Crew and Stella.