Friday, October 1, 2010

FAQ: Do you ever need an assistant?

So, I've been asked this a few times and the answer is YES! I would LOVE to have an Assistant at every shoot! You know how awesome that would be?? So, if anyone is interested in assisting me at a shoot.... leave me a message or shoot me an email; angieclaysonphoto {at} yahoo {dot} com.

And, I hate to post without a picture! So, take a look at this amazing home! This picture doesn't do it justice. But, lucky me, I got to be a guest in this home 2 weekends ago when I was vacationing in St. George. Not only was the home beautiful and lovely... but so were the owners of this home. Sharla is a sweetheart. She welcomed us to her home and I have to say... I think she is the most geunine and sincere person I've ever met. Thank you Sharla and Jeremy for letting us be guests in your home!


jaime said...

Hello? I thought I was your assistant :) and I'm cheap :)!!

angie clayson said...

LOL. Yes, you are a FANTASTIC assistant and I LOVE when you can go with me!!! Looking forward to your help w/ some preschool shooting soon! Love ya!