Friday, October 15, 2010

{my family}

Meet my {My Little Family}! I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and four children. They are the jewels of my life. I can't imagine life without them. So... come meet them.

Mike: My hubby. Branch Manger/ Loan officer at a local credit union. Hard working. Fun Daddy. Softball player. Golfer. He's very good at taking care of me! I appreciate all he does to support me in my crazy life!

Payton: Our oldest son. 11-years-old. Dependable. Fun-loving. Baseball player. Football player. Golfer. Very social (a bit like his mother!) Straight A student.

Tate: Second son. 6-years-old. Shy. Handsome. Studious. Hardworking. Sports lover. Sweetheart. A mama's boy.

Brock: Third son. 5-years-old. Very atheltic. Never forgets a thing. The "deal-maker". Hot headed. Funny.

Irelynd: (aka LoLo) Our baby girl. 19-months-old. The princess. Daddy's girl. Sweet. Busy. She's always running. There's no walking for this girl! She is our curly-haired little sweetheart!