Tuesday, January 18, 2011

March Dates Announced...

Big Shout Out to those who have registered for my Jan/Feb classes.
I am so excited to meet each of you! The course has been sold out.
I am announcing my next course...

It's official.... the dates have been announced for my next course:

"Beginner's Basics" photography class.
{Four Week Course}

Who should take this course?

-Those who want to learn to take better photos.

-Those who would like to crank up the creativity in their photos by learning to shoot in manual.

-Those who have an SLR camera and shoot only in automatic.

-If you'd like to know how aperture, speed and ISO affect your photos.
-Beginners to those who have already started a business.

What will be covered in this course:




-Correct Exposure



Digital SLR Camera

Internet Access

Time to do Photo Assignments

I have a passion for photography and art. Just like you, I had to start somewhere. I took classes, attended seminars, traveled out of state to workshops and tradeshows. I want to pay it forward and help others to increase their knowledge of photography.

Maybe you just want to increase your knowledge, take better pictures of your own kids or maybe you're interested in starting your own photography business someday... come start here. What I don't claim: To be an expert. I do have an extended knowledge of photography and would love to share what I have learned along the way with you.

To reserve your spot... please shoot me an email:

Class size will be limited... so there will be time for Q&As.

{This will possibly be my last course until 2012, as my busy photo season begins in April.}