Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Kaitlyn + Colton}

Isn't she gorgeous? Of course, we're related. Haha. Just kidding. I wish I looked like her. I'd take her age too! So... meet my beautiful cousin, Kaitlyn. (Although, she calls me Aunt Angie... so it's weird to say cousin.) We were the ONLY GIRLS in our family for 20 years, until my little Irelynd was born 2 years ago. I practically raised her. I loved playing with her everyday and taking care of her. I loved being her "Other Mother".

I remember very vividly a night that I called home while I was at school in St. George. I was out on the payphone in front of our apartment complex. (Yes... I'm that old!) I remember hearing my little 5 year-old niece's voice on the other line and sobbing hysterically as she told me about kindergarden that day. Everyone that had walked by thought for sure that someone had died! Haha.

I sure missed my baby girl. It was hard leaving her. It's fun now that she's in her twenties and we're pals. It's also fun having a daughter that looks very similar to my baby Katie. Irelynd does things all the time that remind me of Kaitlyn. It's like stepping back in time somedays.

Anyway... I didn't mean to write a novel. But, wanted my baby girl to know that she will always be my baby. I love my little KatieBuggs! Congrats to Kaitlyn and Colton and their upcoming marriage. All I have to say is... he better bring you back to Utah soon or I will kick his butt! :)