Monday, April 25, 2011

{I have a confession...}

So a little over a year ago, our cell phone contract was up and we were due for new phones. I was ready to make the plunge to a Smart Phone. After stewing about what I wanted... I decided on a very cute {purple} Blackberry Curve. My husband picked the Droid. Now, you're wondering why I picked the Blackberry? Because it was cute. Simply.. that is why!

Call me vain. But, really... I'm not. I do however feel like everything in my possession represents who I am. I am not a black, boring, boxy phone. I'm a fun, colorful, stylish chick that loves all things pretty!

So, I got this Blackberry. I had it for about 1 month. The internet was so slow, I only used it if I was desperate. The buttons were so tiny... I had a hard time texting. It just wasn't as cool as I'd hoped. Well, long story short... after a month, it took a swim in the hot tub while I was on my Spring Break Vacation. Of course, I didn't have the insurance. So, I bought an older BB off Ebay. And, I suffered this whole year.

Then, my brother-in-law wanted the new iPhone. So, he sold me his old Droid. My life has changed! Seriously. No, I'm not being paid by Verizon to say this. But... I have been left wondering why I didn't get a Droid in the first place. Oh yeah... I know why, because it's black, boxy and ugly!

But, then I decided I could do something about that. And, well.... this is what I came up with. I love it! It's me. I'm fun, colorful, happy, a proud momma and a lover of photography. This phone is now {ME}! And, I'm a confessing Droid-Addict now!

I get comments all of the time about my cute phone! And, I'm now offering custom designed cell covers for my clients... if you're interested. Most phones can be done. I've already made some for a few great Mother's Day gifts. These mommies are going to be so excited! :)


jakell said...

love it, super cute!