Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{what I do when I'm bored...}

So, tonight we returned from a 5 day trip down south.... to GLORIOUS SUNSHINE! We were exhausted! Kids fell asleep, hubby fell asleep. So... Mommy got to play! So, today... I decided I was going to play with my makeup skills in editing. :) And... I picked this picture of my beautiful friend, Amanda. I knew she wouldn't care that I played around with her close up photo because she is a photographer too... and she shares the same obsessions as I do! Not that she needed any touching up.... she's absolutely gorgeous... but it's fun to be dramatic once in a while!

So, tonight.... I put some eyeliner on her, added dramatic lashes and a touch of lipstick. So.... what do you think? I think I need to dig through my pictures and touch myself up a bit!


jakell said...

very cool. its amazing what you can do with pictures now days.. and you are an amazing photographer. I can't wait to get our new family photos done in August!!!!