Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{Wednesday Wonderings}

Question: What editing software do you use?

Answer: Photoshop CS4 and LightRoom.

Question: Are you self taught or did you go to school to learn Photoshop? Because it is near impossible for me to understand!!

Answer: Haha. I get asked this question all the time! I bought my first version of Photoshop back in 2004. I signed up for a community class to learn the basics of it. Don't try to figure that out on your own. I would definitely recommend a community class for the basics. Although, you don't necessarily learn photo editing.... it's a great start.

At the community course I learned the basics of every tool. This was a great start. The rest of my editing I learned from practice. LOTS OF PRACTICE! I did however, make an investment in mentoring one day with an awesome photographer in Wyoming. {Yep, W-Y-O!} She pointed out a few very vital tools in Photoshop that I had no idea existed and it changed my life! Okay... it didn't change my life, but it changed my editing style immensely!

My editing style has changed through the years. I look back and see the style I was "experimenting" with. But, I finally found what I like. Not too processed... but, definitely bold, bright and deep.

Photoshop is expensive... yes. Everything about photography is expensive! But, honestly.... I can't live without my Photoshop. That is how I achieve the look in my images that I desire. Photoshop Elements is great for amateurs. It has everything you'd need to edit and at a fraction of the price.

Okay... now with LightRoom. I don't use it as much as I used to. But... it is great for adjusting exposure and for organizing images. I haven't taken a course in LR. I probably should! It's on my list of "somedays".

And... I couldn't post without a picture. So... here's a little peek at my baby girl, Irelynd. She was in the studio with me one morning as I was setting up for a newborn session. I couldn't help snap one of her and her little piggies. :) She has VERY CURLY hair, and we tried pigtails this day. Oh my... so in love with this little face. I could just eat her! :)

{If you have a photography question that you'd like answered, please shoot me an email. angieclaysonphoto@yahoo.com. If you'd like to remain anonymous on the blog, just ask me not to publish your name. Every Wednesay I will post a new question.}