Thursday, March 3, 2011

{and my baby boys}

Meet my handsome baby boys. I just realized today, as I was working on these, that this fall is going to be really hard for me, their momma! My first baby boy, Payton is going to {Junior High}! He will be entering 7th grade in August and that makes me sick! Literally! First, I'm not possibly old enough to have a kid in junior high. Second, I got a real social education at that age and I don't want my child to learn about this evil world! Maybe they'll let me attend classes with him and be his locker partner? What do you think? Wahhhh!

Also... my baby, baby boy... Brock is going to Kindergarten! Wahhhh! I'll have all 3 boys in school everyday. Now, that's going to be super strange! I always thought, life will be so much easier when they were all in school... but really, I don't want them all in school!

Tate, my middle son, will be in 2nd grade. He will be "Big Brother" at school this year. As their oldest brother will be attending a new school. He's too little to be the big brother at school! I want Payton there taking care of them. Wow! I know, I overthink things way too much! But, August is not looking good for this momma!

On a happy note: These are my sweet boys. And, I couldn't be more proud. They are good kids! Okay, well... occasionally the youngest one gives me a run for my money. But... he can also be so sweet. :) I feel so blessed to have 4 children! There was a time we didn't think we'd have any children. Then we were blessed with one. And, for 5 years... we thought we'd never have any more. But, when the timing was right, everything worked out and I got all the children I wanted. (Three of them in 5 years!)
Being a mom is definitely the hardest job I've ever had. But, I find no greater joy than hearing my children laughing. Or, maybe listening in on their conversations to one another. Or, maybe it's the hugs and kisses and snuggling I get from them. Anyway... I love them. I am so blessed to be their mother.