Thursday, March 3, 2011

{my baby girl}

My little Irelynd Lola will be turning {TWO} next week and I can hardly believe it! I realized that today would be the only day I would have time to do her 2-year-old photos. So... sadly, this mean mommy drug her out to the sticks, snot nosed and not feeling good. :( Also, I'll confess... my favorite lab is having a sale on their canvas gallery wraps and it ends in two days and I REALLY want canvases of all my children on the wall! So, the pressue was one. Oh well, I know that these will probably be my favorite photos 10 years from now when my little girl is growing up.

So, meet LoLo. My precious baby girl. Who, is finally my ally. As we live in a house full of boys. I now have a child to paint nails with, do hair and dress like a dolly. And, she is ALL GIRL. She loves to dress up, have her hair done and look pretty. I love that she plays mommy to her dollies and she loves all things that are pretty. Even if her favorite toy is my makeup box! I was a boy-only mom for over 10 years... having a princess has been life changing. I didn't realize what I was missing out on. I am so grateful for her and my 3 sons. I have been blessed beyond measure!
Happy 2nd Birthday to my baby girl next week! Love you!